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College of Education

Pathways to Learning and / or Licensure

In the College of Education, we have many options of degrees and pathways for earning an initial teaching license or an advanced degree related to teaching, learning, leading, or counseling.  Choices may vary based on your prior educational experiences.

I Don’t Have a Degree

Student wants to earn a bachelor’s degree and initial  teacher licensure.

I Have a Bachelor’s Degree

Student has a bachelor’s degree and current teaching license and wants to learn about being a principal, school superintendent, or other administrator in school district. This program leads to the instructional leader license.

Student has a bachelor’s degree and wants to be a school counselor.

Student has a bachelor’s degree and wants to be a clinical mental health counselor.

Student has a bachelor’s degree and wants to be a librarian.

Student wants to enroll in a doctoral program without completing a master’s degree first.

I Have a Masters Degree

Student has a master’s degree and wants to add on an instructional leader license and earn a specialist degree.

Student has a masters’ degree and wants to learn more about teaching and learning. The student is not interested in adding on a teaching license of any kind but wants to earn a specialist degree.

Student has a master’s degree, wants to add on an instructional leader license, and earn a doctoral degree.


Student has any degree and current teaching license and wants to add-on an endorsement to their license but not obtain a degree.

Students has any degree and NO teaching license and wants to obtain a teacher license without a degree.